The Benefits of Wetmassage

Wet massage tables are very popular today. There are many types and functions of wet tables. Find out what to look for in a table, how they function, and where to get a wet massage. This article covers all the basics so you can start enjoying a wet massage today. It also explains the benefits of this type of massage and how to find a good wet massage therapist. Continue reading for helpful tips and information!

Hydromassage costs vary considerably and can be covered by some health insurance plans. Check with your company to see if your insurance policy covers massage therapy. If not, some companies offer cafeteria or medical set aside plans that include massage services. If your insurance doesn’t cover hydromassage, you can often find hydromassage tables and chairs at fitness clubs and gyms. While hydromassage tables and chairs cost around $100 to $200, these prices don’t include any accessories or maintenance. Hydromassage is a modern treatment that uses warm water with pressurized jets.

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